Digital Download Delivery Policy

We consider digitally delivered goods to be information or content that you can download from our website or receive by email.

Delivery means the digital download of subscribed content to the customers.
Upon successful completion of payments, we will deliver the products using one of the listed methods described below.

Delivery Methods

Files under 10 MB in size

First email will be sent to the email address you provide with a zip file as an attachment.  The file will be encrypted with a pass code.  Second email will follow shortly with a pass code which you can use to unzip the file in the first email.

Files over 10 MB in size

An email containing a link to the downloadable file will be sent.  The link will be accessible for 7 days from the original email sent date.  If you, for some reason, were not able to download the file within that time frame, contact us at  We will resend another link one time at no additional cost.

Dashboard Subscription

  1. We will create an account under domain which you will use to access online reporting services.  You will also receive an email alias in the form of ""
  2. Upon successful activation of the account, we will follow up with further instruction on how to access the dashboard(s) you have subscribed to
  3. The account provided by us is for a single named user and cannot be shared with anyone.
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